Robbery of the year in north Tenerife as thieves get away with half a million Euros

They’re calling it the robbery of the year, with a haul of half a million Euros from the La Hucha supermarket near Los Rodeos in North Tenerife. To get away with such a sum, three thieves disguised themselves as private security guards responsible for taking the money to the bank. In this guise, shortly before 1pm on Friday afternoon, they arrived in authentic-looking uniforms, armed with semi-automatic weapons, and driving an armoured vehicle bearing a realistic logo in the car park of the commercial centre.

In a twist worthy of a film, they had only just arrived when the real security firm arrived too. Their arrival time could not have been known because it was varied for security purposes. The real guards were confused by the weapons being carried by their apparent colleagues since they are normally armed with revolvers, and upon approaching them, found themselves at gunpoint in a carpark full of customers.

In what is apparently protocol in such cases, the real security guards got back in their vehicle and drove away, while the robbers went into the supermarket and struck one of the employees to make them hand over the money. The employee was treated for light cuts at HUC but was otherwise unhurt, despite having received a hard blow to the face.

National Police were, evidently, notified immediately by the real security firm, but at present, the thieves’ identities are still unknown, as are their whereabouts. There is, now, what an American police TV series would call an APB out for the apprehension of the thieves and their vehicle. Sources close to the investigation have praised the action of the real security guards, employees of Seguridad Integral Canarias, for following protocol in such a tense situation, and avoiding what could have been a bloodbath.  PV

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