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I hardly know how to post this, nor how to type through the river that I’m crying right now, but our Rosie died the night before last, poisoned in the hills. She was with her brother, playing to the end. He ate some of the poisoned food too, and he’s gone as well. They were in the end at our neighbour’s house, the one who owns the pups’ mother and who kept Rosie’s brother. He had the antidote we both keep against this sort of thing, but the dose was evidently so massive the antidote did nothing.

She was so loved, and we tried and I hope succeeded in giving her the best life a dog could wish for. She was almost human at home, but lived a full free and happy dog’s life in the mountains which her breed is at home in. I don’t know how people can put this poison down, but at least it was quick. Rosie didn’t make it home, but she died in the next best place, with her brother, at her “granddads”. I think if she could have spoken and understood, she would have been pleased that her page drew such interest, and that it brought her wonderful, sensitive, intelligent breed to a new audience. We are distraught, and will miss her beyond words.


  1. What a horrendous thing to happen. Of course you hear about it, but for it to actually happen, words fail me. Like you, I would be totally distraught. But all you can really do is remember all the good times and the happy and loving home you provided.

  2. I am so, so sorry

  3. So sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely dog Rosie, what a terrible thing to happen.

  4. Dear Janet
    I don’t know what to say – I felt I almost knew Rosie through reading about her. I am so very sorry.

  5. So sorry Janet and Jeremy. Such a shame.

  6. I’m so so sorry. I had only just discovered Rosie. I feel for you xxx

  7. I am really sorry
    This is such a terrible thing to happen
    You have the blessing that it was quickly but it is a wicked thing for someone to do

  8. I Will See You in Heaven by Friar Jack Wintz is a great comfort for those of us who have loved a dog or cat. Just discovered it this morning, so pass it on to you!

  9. So sorry to hear about Rosie, our thoughts are with both of you. x

  10. I have no words to ease your pain or the great sadness you are feeling. I wish for you that you see Rosie dancing across the stars one night and know that she is dancing for you. God bless you and yours xx

  11. You were kind enought to share Rosie with us and that gave us all so much pleasure. I have a lump in my throat just writing this. I am so very sorry

  12. Author

    You are all so kind, it’s really appreciated. We’ll mend, but will never get over her loss. She lit up our home, a tidal wave of life, and we will always treasure the year we had with her. She chose us, found us and came tumbling down the steps to the kitchen door … and refused to leave. We never wanted her to. Thank you all.

  13. Very, very sad. So sorry to read this

  14. So sorry to hear about Rosie, my thoughts are with you at this very sad time.

  15. What a dreadful cruel thing to happen. I am so sorry for you both.

  16. How sad, I have tears in my eyes reading this. I know what it is like to loose a well loved dog.

  17. So sorry to hear about the death of your lovely Podenco.

  18. Oh dear, I am so sorry that you have lost your dear friend, I was in tears this morning, I have so enjoyed seeing photos and reading all about Rosie

  19. My dog was poisoned too. It was a very quick response by kind onlookers that saved his life. He is a big gentle soul, loved by everyone. He has never even so much as growled at anyone. How people can do such a thing, I do not know. We don´t have a problem with strays around here or anything. I feel for you. I never wanted a dog. Rambo found us, and our lives changed for the better from that day. God bless you. I will be thinking of you. xx

  20. Dear Janet,

    So sad to hear of your loss

  21. The tears are running down my face, another poor innocent beautiful animal taken before it’s time by this senseless, cruel and uncontrolled use of poison !!

    I have lost a beautiful Golden Retriever, only 6 months when she died, to a massive intake of poison. The vet’s were unable to save her.
    We also lost my daughter’s adorable black and white cat, again poisoned. My heart was broken by both and we still miss them so much.
    We currently have 3 dogs and 4 cats, garden is closed and we walk on leads, and only let off in areas in the public forest that we feel is safe for them. I am with you in this time of loss and sadness.

  22. Author

    Thanks, Janice, and I’m so so sorry for your losses too. Thank you so much to everyone else too.

  23. Dear Janet, I am so sorry. This a horrendous thing to happen. I too had one of my dogs die from poisoning and know what a dreadful shock it is. At least her life, though so very short, was an extremely happy one. My thoughts are with you and your husband in this sad time.

  24. Dear Janet and Jeremy, I’ve just read your post about poor Rosie. What a dreadful thing to happen and such a cruel thing for someone to do. I know from your writing how much joy Rosie has brought into your life and all the good times you had together that you will be able to remember and take some comfort in. Xx

  25. Janet, I read your website regularly with great interest and am so very sorry to read of the death of your dear Rosie. My thoughts are with you. x

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