Royal Caribbean’s “Anthem of the Seas” in Santa Cruz

 (photo: Royal Caribbean)

It’s vast, one of the largest in the world, and its in Santa Cruz! Royal Caribbean says that its Anthem of the Seas is the second in their “groundbreaking Quantum Class of ships, boasting more state-of-the-art technology, world-class dining and spectacular entertainment than any other cruise ship in the world”. It’s also brand new, and we’re on the itinerary for its inaugural voyage, in fact we’re only its second stop after it docked at Madeira yesterday. This particular liner has 3,800 tourists on board and a crew of 1,300, and what with the Seatrade Cruise Med conference here next year (link), this is great for consolidating Tenerife on the cruise map.  Now if only they’d only open the shops in Santa Cruz when the liners dock …

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  1. So another 3,800 tourists gets added to Tenerife’s ‘record breaking’ statistics. You have to smile. Understand it is also visiting other islands here …………….. wonder how that is recorded 🙂

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