Rubbish accumulates again in Arona after collection workers go back on strike

UPDATE: The refuse collection strike in Arona has now been called off after agreement was reached after intervention by Environment Councillor, Antonio Sosa. The employees will now be able to collect the owed bonus payment by 4 November, but insisted that this was an absolute deadline and should their payment be even one day late, they would renew their strike action.  El Dia

Original Post 18 October: Arona refuse collectors claiming they have not been paid September’s bonus stopped work yesterday. Workers’ representatives said they regretted the move, but saw no other mechanism to get the money they were owed. They stressed that whatever inconvenience might be felt by residents of Arona, they themselves were living constantly with the uncertainty of whether they would be paid or not right up to the moment that the money was due. On this occasion, it has not been paid, and strike action was deemed the only recourse.

Antonio Sosa, Arona environment Councillor, said he was extremely concerned by the situation and urged the concessionary business, Camilo Álvarez, to make the payments that were owing to the workers to bring their action to an end. Sr Sosa stressed that Arona could not afford the luxury of showing itself in such a dirty state to tourists for the second time in less than three months, and for the same problem.  El Dia


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