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Arona Ayuntamiento has announced an investment of some €12m in the borough’s public roads and refuse collection points to ensure the area is kept clean. The council says, however, that for the money to be most effective, the public needs to use the basura points properly, and analysis shows that this is often not the case. Prominent among the examples of misuse is the time that rubbish is deposited, and the council says that it will be passing a new bylaw increasing existing fines for this offence, which go from €60 to €600. I think it’s possible, though, that not too many people know that there are set times when rubbish may be taken out.

In Arona, rubbish hours are from 8pm to midnight, and rubbish must be taken out in closed bags. In Adeje, the hours are 9pm to midnight, and rubbish must be in closed biodegradable bags. Guía de Isora is after 8pm in closed rubbish bags – ie not carrier bags. In San Miguel, hours are 9pm to 11pm, with rubbish in closed bags. Granadilla is not before 8pm in winter, and not before 9pm in summer, and rubbish must be bagged.

These are the few Ayuntamientos I’ve checked, but the message is quite consistent. Rubbish must always be bagged, some areas being more specific about the type of bag than others, and the bags must be closed. It must also always be deposited in the evenings – the earliest allowed is 8pm in Arona, Guía de Isora and Granadilla in winter.


  1. Hello Janet. Does this apply to bins that are part of a Complex even if they are outside but have their own separate rubbish storage but still collected by Arono? Thank you

  2. I live up in the hills, in a rural area between Arona and Escalona. My nearest basura is 3km from my house so I tend to take my rubbish whenever I am going out in the car …. which is usually every couple of days and usually in the mornings. I think to expect people to make a separate (6km round) trip in the evening just to drop of their rubbish is madness ….. are we not all supposed to be making an effort to be green and use our cars as efficiently as possible? Do you know if these rules also apply in rural areas Janet, where people have to go some distances to drop their rubbish?

  3. The opening hours for my business which is situated in the municipality of Arona is from 10.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs.This means that it will be illegal to take rubbish to the basura during our office hours.How crazy is that?
    You are all NUTS!!

  4. Author

    Yes, Fiona, everywhere. A municipality’s rules cover every part of that municipality, whichever it might be. The idea is to avoid smell and vermin, so it does make sense, though not so much now in areas that no longer have a daily collection!
    Kim, they are concerned about public highways so it’s wherever there is a bin for the public to use on the streets. Complexes usually have their own room, whether streetside or internal, and the rules don’t apply to those because they’re locked away and not in an area that is the responsibility of a local authority.
    Just to be clear, this is no new rule. It has ALWAYS been in place. If foreigners were unaware of it that doesn’t make it any the less valid, or enforceable. All that is new is that I’ve posted the rules, and Arona is thinking of increasing the existing fines for breaking them!

  5. I’m wondering how often people are prosecuted for leaving their rubbish outside of the alloted times. I had heard that this law existed but thought it was one of the many that rarely if ever gets applied.

  6. Author

    Probably not many, in reality, but I suspect it’s a number that could increase as times get tougher …

  7. Rubbish always a problem! We always wrap ours well and are also keen recyclers – even before we moved here some 15 years ago – so ineffect have very little general rubbish. There is no way we will go out at these late times with rubbish – we are pensioners and these rubbish points not always in the best sites – we have a job to cross the road in the day with the speeding traffic on our road let alone in the hours of darkness. More important that we have some crossings and the road side trees trimmed so we can see what is coming. There really are more important things for the Town Hall to concern themselves with. As long as rubbish is deposited in the bins and the lids closed surely that is the main thing. What I would like to see that the areas and bins etc are cleaned on a regular basis. Why not have more regular collections – the re-cyclables are often overflowing to say the least and the new ‘plastics’ bins with the small round opening is unsuitable as not big enough for some plastics! The type like the paper bins more suitable as easy to deposit bag of plastics inside. We have our own separate bins at home for all the different items so feel we are doing our part rubbish wise – so lets see the town halls up their game instead of constantly threatening us with fines – its deplorable. And where does the 12m come from for all this so called work – Arona have recently acquired a full fleet – or so it seems – that come by our house, of cleaning vehicles from little vans to large vehicles. Their depot is not too far away. Yet we see little evidence of cleaning in our area of San Lorenzo – we clean our pavement, weed it and trim the trees for our own sake. Yet go up to Arona Town or even Adeje Town in the mornings and have a look how clean they are and the streets nicely washed down. Can we all have a share of this action please!! 10th August 2013.

  8. I have already written a letter to my town hall in San Miguel this week, in Spanish, regarding unreasonable refuse collection hours. I live on Golf del Sur where we have an ageing population who would not wish to leave their homes during hours of darkness due to fearing for their safety. We experience increasing levels of criminal activity in our municipality and feel that this hasn’t been properly thought through. I would be in agreement with Town Hall regulations should we be provided with improved policing of our area in order to guarantee our security.

  9. Author

    I’ll be very interested to know if you get a reply, Suzanne. Please do keep us updated.

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