Ruta de Cóctel de Arona – September cocktails

Update 20 August 2013: This worked well on its first run last year and it is now seemingly going to be an annual event. Arona’s Ruta de Cócteles 2013 will be held between 12 and 29 September, and as last year, there will be a cocktails competition, on 26 September at 7pm in  Los Cristianos’ harbour promenade. Prices have gone up €1 since last year, with alcoholic cocktails €5, and non-alcoholic at €4.

Original post 31 August 2012:  Arona Ayuntamiento is offering a new cultural event as a promotion of tourism and boost to the local economy. It’s the Ruta de Cóctel de Arona, which started yesterday and lasts until 20 September. Alcoholic cocktails will cost €4, and alcohol free ones €3. To round the Ruta off there will be a cocktails competition on 21 September outside the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos from 7pm. Both the Ruta itself and the competition to round the programme off are organized by the ABE (Asociación de Barmans Españoles).



  1. Which bars are patricipating , where can we find this?

  2. Author

    They don’t give a specific list, but the participating rules (HERE) say that bars must put the poster in a very visible place. It’s an Arona scheme, which means it should be widely available in the whole Arona area, so bars in Las Galletas, Palm Mar, Los Cristianos in particular. You should expect to see the poster in the windows of the bars taking part or on a stand outside; the poster for this campaign is the picture I’ve put above the post.

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