San Blas beach runs into problems after regional, local, and environmental complaints

Unfortunately, the Canarian Government, The Tenerife Cabildo, and ATAN (Tenerife Friends of Nature Association) have all presented complaints about the beach renovation project. They demand a much more in-depth environmental impact study than exists at present, and one which lays particular emphasis on the effect the works will have on the present “Lugar de Interés Comunitario” (Site of Community Interest: LIC) status of the area, which was approved in 2008.

The mayor, Víctor Chinea, expressed his regrets about the delays that will be caused by these procedures, and said that the study incorporated into the project was quite sufficient. None the less, the complaints have already been sent to the Demarcación de Costas in order to effect changes to the project, as well to require a study of the environmental impact. El Dia

Original post 3 November 2009: It has only taken twenty years, but at last it looks as if works to renovate San Blas beach in San Miguel municipality will begin in just a few months. The area’s mayor, Victor Chinea, was delighted to announce that after environmental studies and his latest meeting with the Department of Costas in Madrid, all objections and obstacles seem to have been cleared, and that for the first time in two decades a favourable outcome is in sight.

Sr Chinea was accompanied in Madrid by San Miguel’s Councillor of Works, Juan José Casanova, and the pair met with the Director General of Coastal and Sea Sustainability, Alicia Paz, and Miguel Velasco, Sub-Director General for Sustainability. Their meeting was fruitful, said the mayor, and he is now very hopeful that the San Blas coastal area will shortly consolidate the municipality’s increasing tourism-based economy.  El Dia

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