San Isidro woman dies at the hands of her partner, the eighth woman in the Canaries this year to die in her own home from domestic violence

There is outrage, anger, despair and grief today in Tenerife as yet another woman becomes a victim to a fatal domestic attack by her partner. The latest victim of this senseless violence is Sara, a 26-year-old San Isidro woman. She called 112 in the early hours after her 29-year-old partner named as Jaime had stabbed her in the neck but she had been wounded too severely and died from her injuries in the medical centre where she had been taken for help.

Yet again the authorities throughout the island are united in their condemnation of this plague of male violence – and yes, there are instances where women attack men but in terms of frequency and severity the statistics pale into insignificance. This case – on none other than the International Day against Domestic Violence itself – makes eight now in the Canaries this year: that’s eight women killed in their own homes by men they should have been able to trust. Nationally the grim statistic is 52 with the Canaries in the unenviable position of leading the table.

Today’s presumed killer, who himself received a few cuts to his hands during the attack, has received medical treatment and been detained by the Guardia Civil.

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