San Miguel refuse collection strike called for Friday, 21 August.

The San Miguel rubbish strike originally called for last Monday has been postponed until Friday. Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur are expected to be particularly affected.

Originally posted 15 August: A strike by refuse collectors in the San Miguel municipality has been called for Monday. Around 20,000 householders are thought likely to be affected. The strike comes after failure between management and workers to reach agreement, though the initial grievance of late wage payments has now been replaced by complaints over bonuses. The management company is Clusa, the same company involved in previous disputes in Arona.

At the height of the tourist season, with areas such as Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur full, the possible consequences are serious, and the mayor of San Miguel, Víctor Chinea, met yesterday with workers’ representatives to try to find some solution to the dispute. Sr Chinea said that what concerned him most was the effect on residents of his area, and that his main aim was to minimise as far as possible the effects of the strike on them. He expressed his hope that agreement could be reached and that the rubbish lorries would be out on the streets on Monday, but acknowledged that the situation had probably gone beyond any mediation of which he was capable, and that he had resigned himself to the Ayuntamiento being unable to do anything.  Diario de Avisos

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