Sanidad calls for public responsibility and compliance in face of idiotic selfishness

Updated 3 August: After yesterday’s call to behave responsibly, Sanidad today reports an unvaccinated pensioner who tested positive at the end of the July after suffering symptoms compatible with covid. They decided not to tell anyone, however, including Sanidad, and although they did self-isolate, have ended up today in Intensive Care. Obviously people have their own reasons for their own behaviour, assuming they’re rational, but the official instructions on what to do if you have symptoms are to call the free helpline 900 112 061 (just 112 if an emergency) and do NOT attend a medical centre. The protocols for possible covid infection will then automatically be triggered. The phone is attended multi-lingually … not speaking Spanish is not a problem. To be crystal clear: any other reaction to testing positive is a criminal offence.

Original post 2 August: Sanidad (Canarias) says today that a new admission to Intensive Care in these islands is an unvaccinated person who has covid and who decided to go on a Canarian staycation and meet up with various people in close contact despite receiving a positive result just four days previously. Sanidad reminds the public that these are criminal offences that are subject to considerable fines since the law requires anyone with a positive result to isolate themselves as well as those with whom they had close contact even if they themselves test negative.

In the last two days, the head of Spain’s vaccination agency Amós García said that we should stop calling these selfish idiots antivaxxers. It gives them some sort of standing, clearly, with their own category … they are anti-vaccine. This suggests it’s on some sort of equal footing with being pro-vaccine. It is not, of course, and as García says, they are actually anti-science, not just anti-vax.

His point is a very important one which to some extent we’ve been missing. The problem is not pro- v. anti-vaccine but science v. ignorance: we call them anti-vaxxers but they’re really just illiterate in any real world sense  … (/edit: ) I mean “in any real world sense”, not the junior school version of reading or writing. Of course they can do that to an extent, though I am not alone in receiving undergraduate essays submitted with the numeral 2 written as text speak for “to” so clearly literacy in that minor sense is itself not what it once was. Nonetheless, (edit/ ) they quite literally understand nothing of actual knowledge since the root of the word “ignorant” is Indo-European “gno”: the ancient root is the building block of modern words like know (homophone), knowledge, diagnosis, gnostic and so they are quite literally and etymologically “ignorant” of knowledge … because as future generations of lorry drivers will no doubt learn in English schools, scientia is no other than the Latin word for “knowledge”. 

Sanidad says “only if we are responsible and comply with protocols and isolations will we manage to stop the contagions”. Sanidad is obviously talking into a void of public irresponsibility and unconcern. We have to do whatever we need to in order to keep ourselves safe from them – the ignorati. One of them is in hospital as we now know fighting for their lives but the rest of their kind are around us all the time.