Sanidad issues health advice as heatwave claims first victim, a 72-year-old in La Laguna

Update 12 August 11pm: A 72-year-old woman appears to be Tenerife’s first victim of this heatwave, after her body was found this afternoon in La Laguna. She was reported as missing around 4.30pm after going out for a stroll in the Valle Colino area of La Laguna and not returning home. Due to the heatwave, the worst was feared and search teams were dispatched immediately, including rescue dogs. After an intensive search of the area, sadly her body was found. An autopsy is to be carried out to confirm the cause of death. DA

Original post 12 August: The Canarian Government’s Health Department, Sanidad, has reminded the public to take suitable precautions in the high temperatures we’re currently experiencing in the islands.

Recommendations are:

  • avoid all physical exercise in the open air
  • avoid exposure to the sun and heat where possible
  • drink more water to ensure we are well hydrated and to avoid heatstroke
  • avoid large meals and alcohol, coffee, tea or sugared drinks because they can cause dehydration
  • stay out of the sun between midday and 4pm, when the sun’s rays are almost vertical and radiation at its greatest
  • keep in the shade
  • wear loose fitting, light coloured, natural fibre clothes if going out is unavoidable
  • wear head protection if going out is unavoidable

If you feel any symptoms from the sun, try to cool yourself immediately, whether with a sponge, damp towel or shower, drink water, and if you do not feel better quickly, seek medical help.  C24H


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