Measles outbreak now “worst in last decade” as 25 cases confirmed in Tenerife

Update 4 May: There are now 25 confirmed cases and Sanidad is saying it’s the worst outbreak in the last decade. Apparently, it’s mainly come from the UK, and health officials here are saying part of the blame lies in the increasing anti-vac culture there, and in Germany too, to a lesser extent. In any case, it’s here, so the best advice is to be highly aware of anything that could be symptomatic of its early stages. LO

Original post 8 April: Sanidad has set in place a “preventative action protocol” after four cases of measles in adults have been detected in Tenerife. According to the department, Candelaria Hospital informed them of the cases yesterday, and has started a programme of vaccination for staff and taken appropriate protection measures for both hospital workers and patients alike.

The Public Health Department is following established guidelines and procedures as for any other outbreak of an infectious disease in order to prevent its spread. Anyone who thinks they might be infected should see a doctor as quickly as possible, since measles is highly communicable. It is characterized by fever, general malaise, sneezing, nasal congestion, cough, conjunctivitis, and the typical extensive red lumpy rash.  PV


  1. Yeah, here in the UK we have had nearly as many cases in the first 3 months of 2011 than we had in the whole of 2010.

    The thing i don’t understand, and haven’t been able to garner any definite answer to is if an adult has had their MMR jab, does it mean they cannot contract measles?

    Thanks for the info though.

  2. Author

    Well, I’m not a medical doctor, but my understanding from medical sites is that people who have actually had measles are protected, and will not get it again, but that it’s not so clear if they’ve had the vaccination rather than the disease. The best I can find is that people who have had the two doses of the MMR vaccine are very unlikely to get measles … around a 1% chance, apparently.

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