Sansofé 2019, Granadilla’s annual summer season of culture in July and August

Granadilla has unveiled Sansofé 2019, the summer schedule of cultural and leisure events in July and August in El Médano and Los Abrigos. It’s the 26th time the festival has been held, and as always, will include entertainments for residents and visitors alike from a wide programme of music, workshops, concerts, cinema, theatre, sports and games, and arts and crafts, all of which are free and held in the open. The full programme of events, which run from tomorrow until the end of August, is HERE (the link is fine, as is Granadilla’s website but its security cert is out of date so Google dislikes it: just remove the s from the https bit before the www).

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  1. Certainly interesting events but only if you aren’t living around the plaza El Médano where it just is synonymous to noise until late in the night !

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