Los Sabandeños bring Sansofé 2018 to an end in closing concert in El Médano tomorrow

Photo: Los Sabandeños

Updated 24 August: The summer Sansofé season of cultural and leisure events in July and August in El Médano and Los Abrigos is almost at an end, but what an end it will be. Los Sabandeños are perhaps the most famous of all Canarian folklore groups, forming in 1966 and performing at top level internationally for now over 40 years. They have performed throughout the Canaries, and Spain … and through Europe, and in the USA, and many south American countries. They are considered the ultimate in traditional music here in the Canaries and they will be offering a closing concert for Sansofé 2018 in El Médano’s plaza on Saturday evening, 25 August, starting at 9pm. This is in addition to the concert they’ll be performing in Los Cristianos tonight (see HERE). 

Original post 4 July: Granadilla has unveiled Sansofé 2018, the summer schedule of cultural and leisure events in July and August in El Médano and Los Abrigos. It’s the 25th time the festival has been held, and as always, will include entertainments for residents and visitors alike from a wide programme of music, workshops, concerts, cinema, theatre, sports and games, and arts and crafts, all of which are free and held in the open. The full programme of events, lasting from 6 July to 25 August is HERE (the site’s security cert is not up to date so if you have problems loading the link, just remove the “s” from the “http” bit of the URL).

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  1. Certainly interesting events but only if you aren’t living around the plaza El Médano where it just is synonymous to noise until late in the night !

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