Santa Blues de Tenerife is back and this time it’s also coming south

The annual Santa Blues de Tenerife festival is back, the 14th time the event has been held, and once again it will fill the streets of the La Noria area of Santa Cruz as well as the Plaza in El Médano! Organizers say that there will be a concert this evening in the CajaCanarias Cultural Centre, with live music in Calle La Noria tomorrow evening, and then on Sunday, 1 July, the festival moves south to El Médano, with internationally known artists. Details on the poster (it says 2019 but is being promoted as now!), and all events are free to enter.




  1. Sadly, the festival is always announced very last minute – often in the same week it’s on. It’s a shame they don’t advertise it more! The guy who used to organise it initially, when it was held over weeks or a long weekend, told me that their fundings got cut (understandably, with the crisis and it being an event free to the public), so now it’s become a one-night thing with little advertising 🙁 Can’t wait to find out the date myself! It’s usually towards the end of June.

  2. Hi Janet – do we know when this years concert is being held and which acts are performing?

    1. Author

      I haven’t seen a thing about it for this year, I’m afraid.

  3. Hi there, I would like to know the contact info to the people in charge of booking the talent for the 2016 Santa Blues in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in order to submit Chicago’s Betta Blues Band material to be considered .

    Thank you , all the best!

    1. Author

      Your best bet is to contact Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento direct. Their website is HERE.

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