Santa Cruz Carnaval 2011 enters final weekend

fin de semana de Piñata SC carnaval 2011

It’s the final weekend of Carnaval in Santa Cruz, with the main events in the Plaza del Príncipe, up Calle Castillo and the Plaza del Candelaria. If you don’t know your way around Santa Cruz too well, just find the big fountain square called Playa de España. It’s on the front just a bit further on from the auditorium, and if you start walking away from the sea you’ll immediately be in Plaza del Candelaria, the two run into each other. Keep walking and you’ll be on Calle Castillo and the Plaza del Príncipe will be on your right not too far along. The crowds will guide you anyway! There’s much more information in Tinerguía HERE about all the events that are planned, with further links in the text to detailed programmes.

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