Santa Cruz police break up illegal party of youngsters with complete disregard for public health safety measures

Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento has confirmed that the municipality’s Policía Local broke up an illegal party in Padre Anchieta around 2am last night. The council says that 54 young people were together and drinking without physically distancing or wearing face masks, and that police had been called out by neighbours disturbed by the noise and the evident failure to abide by safety measures. The council added that the person responsible for the property has now been identified and will be subject to legal procedures through Sanidad (Canarias).

The local shop which supplied the alcohol for the party is also in trouble because police saw for themselves that the youngsters were buying drinks after 10pm, the time after which the shop’s licence required it to stop selling intoxicating liquids. Some of the young people, indeed, were minors who were legally not allowed to buy alcohol at any time of day. Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento reminded the public in general, and young people in particular, of their civic duty to comply with preventative health measures to avoid spreading covid19, and the grave social and legal consequences of their failiure to do so.

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