Longer hours and Sunday opening in Santa Cruz shops postponed until September

Update 12 July, 11.30pm: It’s now officially a failure, and the whole scheme has been postponed until September. Businesses in Santa Cruz have said that it’s not worth them opening given the costs of electricity, water, staff, etc., and the fact that Santa Cruz is “dead in summer”. They say they’ll wait until the cruise ships arrive in September.  LO

Update 12 July: Sometimes you really have to wonder. They’ve been clamouring for it for ages, and then when they’re finally given permission, hardly any of the shops bothered to open. For reasons that baffle me, it’s the Government that’s getting it in the neck, whereas all the businesses had to do was open their doors. Do they want the business, or not? C24H

Original post 7 July: The Canarian Government has classified the centre of Santa Cruz as a touristic area. As a result, businesses will be able to stay open longer each day, and also open on Sundays, as shops do in other tourist areas. The new hours will allow shops to satisfy demands that have been increasingly vocal as the crisis has worsened, particularly from those who despair at cruise liner after cruise liner arriving and discharging their passengers into a city with closed stores.

The director general de Comercio y Consumo del Gobierno de Canarias, Arturo Cabrera, said that the measure should be a stimulus for the commercial and leisure activity of a large part of Tenerife’s capital, and contribute to the revitalization of the city, as well as responding to the long-standing demands of tourists, residents and visitors alike. PV

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