Santiago del Teide advises about TV reception problems from mobile phone signals

Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento has advised that digital terrestrial television (TDT) reception in the municipality could be affected by 4G mobile signals which have changed frequency to those previously used by TDT. The council says that mobile operators have allocated llega800 to resolve any issues that arises for viewers – not just in Santiago del Teide municipality – who just have to call the free number 900 833 999 or go to the website to report problems and get help.


  1. All you will require is a 800 Meg 4G filter, these were issued free in the UK years ago when some frequencies classed with the DTV band

  2. Ann Marie, your problems are highly unlikely to be caused by the changed 4G frequencies. The problem will probably be the connexion between your TV and router. You can check this through the menus available through your TV remote control. It “might” be possible that you need to download and install an update to the TV’s software, again you can check this using the menu system. However Samsung are notorious for failing to provide updates to their so called “smart” TV’s. If its more than a couple of years old Samsung will just tell you to buy a new one. My Samsung “smart” TV is almost three years old and it has never performed as advertised. I’ll buy another make next time.

  3. My Samsung Smart tv cannot pick up the live and catch up on the Internet. I have already contacted Direct and they say my tv is the problem. I did try the telephone number above but unfortunately they only speak Castillion Spanish and much too quickly for me.

    1. Author

      you could perhaps try doing it through the website instead of by phone, or get a Spanish-speaking friend to ring up.

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