Santiago del Teide Almond Blossom Route – 2020 programme of walks

Photo: Alicia Barquero Padrón.

This year’s programme of almond blossom walks in the Santiago del Teide foothills has now been unveiled. As previously there is a range of routes with varying levels of difficulty, and for different aspects of the spectacular phenomenon. Details of them all and how to sign up for them are HERE.

The annual Almendros en Flor campaign in Santiago del Teide is one of the most popular in Tenerife, and it’s now in its 23rd year. These walks are always hugely popular because they’re through a stunning environment in the hills when the almond blossom is blooming, surrounded by beauty with an unbelievable scent filling the air.  As always, walkers are advised to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and to carry water, sun protection, and a walking stick or pole.


  1. In the application form to register DNI is required. Does it mean that this is an event only for Spanish residents? Or can I use for example my passport number instead? Thanks

  2. Author

    It means NIE for foreigners, it’s not restricted to Spanish, nor even residents, only. For visitors without a NIE, I would try with the passport number.

  3. Hi do you know if the routes are circular and if you can take dogs?

  4. Author

    The routes are not circular, they go from the stated starting points to Arguayo. Whether one can take dogs, I don’t know, I’m sorry, you will need to clarify with the council on the phone number they provided.

  5. Hi Janet. I have been trying to find out whether we can go on our own (not guided) mid week. Their guided walks are only on weekends and we can’t go then. Any idea? Thanks.

  6. Author

    yes, you can go on your own any time.

  7. Thank you so much!

  8. Can u please send a route to go by my own?!

  9. Author

    The best thing might be to get to Santiago del Teide town itself and then just look around because there are plenty of official signs up showing all the walks.

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