Aftermath and inquiry into Los Gigantes tragedy

Update: After making firm assurances at the time that a tape was in place cordoning off the area at risk on the beach, Mayor Gorrín has now given evidence to the Guardia Civil inquiry, and says that he doesn’t know whether there was such a barrier or not, and that his assurances were based on finding out after the disaster on the day from the lifeguard on duty. The mayor also suggested that his hands had been tied in respect of closing the beach prior to the tragedy since municipal technicians had not recommended such a course of action.  El Dia

Other whispers coming out of the Guardia Civil enquiry suggest that many are adamant that there were no warning signs, or at least no adequate signs, nor any roping off. The most there seems to have been was a tape which had been broken and was laying on the floor. Some are adamant too that the much reported verbal warnings given by the lifeguard did not take place.

Original Post 27 November: Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento has approved an “institutional statement” calling on the national Government to oversee restoration works as soon as possible at Los Guíos beach where two women, one of them British, died after a massive rockfall on 1 November. All parties added their voice to the call to speed up the necessary permissions to carry out the works with the least delay and maximum guarantees for security.

According to the document, the tragedy has clearly shown the urgent need of securing the bank wall, and of rehabilitating the area affected by the landslide and its environs. It describes the area as a “touristic reference point” which constitutes, along with the sports port, the principal economic motor of Los Gigantes, both being essential for the functioning and maintenance of the local economy, given that the closure of the beach is thought to be having a significantly negative impact on local businesses.

At present, the rubble from the rockfall has been cleared away, but the beach cannot be reopened until a definitive restoration project is in place. Meanwhile, the Guardia Civil investigation into the tragedy continues.  Canarias24Horas


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