Save your old bottle tops! They will directly help disabled children in Tenerife!

Theresa and George Edwards are a couple who do a great deal of charity work in Tenerife, and a recent event raised over €1,100 for cancer charities. They are now heading a fast-growing scheme to collect plastic bottle tops to raise money to fund medical assistance of vaarious kinds for disabled children in Tenerife. George himself will be interviewed about the scheme by Clio O’Flynn on tomorrow’s English Time between 1 and 2pm on Radio Sur Adeje (listen online HERE), and there is a Facebook Group – Plastic Lids for Tenerife Disabled Kids – which helps to coordinate collectors and collections.

Currently there are 130 collectors, and a recent collection weighed 380 kilos. This is no lightweight matter! The plastic tops are collected for Asociación Iraitza who use the funds raised to help disabled children of the Canary Islands with their additional medical needs. The couple and their Facebook group have collection points throughout Tenerife and are always on the lookout for new collectors and drop off points. If you can help, offering support directly or indirectly, join the group (link above), and listen to George talking about the scheme on the radio tomorrow.

Theresa says that they are often asked what happens to all the bottle tops, and how are they turned into medical treatment. She explains, “We collect for Asociación Iraitza which is a charity that has been set up by the parents of some of the disabled children that receive the benefit of the plastic tops. All tops collected by us are taken by us to Martinez Cano in Guimar for processing. There are set days for all tops collectors to take their collections to the factory. On these days they probably received two or three container lorries full of plastic tops. We are talking tons and tons of tops.”

“Asociación Iraitza are allocated about €150 for each ton of tops processed. That´s not a lot, but we always say every little helps. Not sure if a metric or imperial ton. Martinez Cano wash all the tops and then grind them up. This ground up high grade plastic is then used to make refuge bags and industrial test tubes etc. Money from the tops is not passed to the charity. It is held by Martinez Cano. When a child has accumulated enough funds, Martinez Cano then pay for the medical treatment or associated item(s) direct to the supplier.”

Decent people doing good things for a cause – disabled children – that can hardly be bettered, and which involves no more than old bottle tops that would otherwise end up in the bin. Do help if you can!


  1. Hi I know this is an old thread but a friend of mine has continued collecting plastic bottle tops and has loads do you know of any charities that would still benefit from them? Thanks

    1. Author

      I’m afraid I don’t. Apologies. Hopefully readers might have an idea and post their suggestions.

  2. Author

    I don’t know, I’m afraid … hopefully someone involved will see your question and be able to provide an answer.

  3. Thank you Janet for that information, I have always wondered what happened to them. I am sure there was a display last year in Adeje made from all the coloured tops. Do they do that have that every year ??.

  4. I have been collecting bottle tops for about 3 years and taking them to Lions International branch near Vijilia Park Puerto Santiago, Los Gigantes area. I would love to know where they eventually end up! No one can tell me what happens to the tops or where they are taken!

    1. Author

      Listen in to Clio’s programme tomorrow and maybe George Edwards will explain how it all works.

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