School grants available

There will be parents of children at school in Tenerife who are unaware that grants are available to provide financial aid for school materials. These are available under certain conditions for all parents on a local authority padron, and those for the 2014-15 school year need to be applied for now. Adeje (where else!) has now provided a guide in English which is HERE (click to download): fuller and further information is available from the council. Most importantly, parents should be aware that this system will be repeated, with very little substantive variation, in all other municipalities in Tenerife. I hope this helps those with children in school here who might be struggling to provide books and other materials.



  1. Hi plesse can you tell me more info about this and what i need to do thank you .

  2. Author

    Other than what is on the document to download in the post, I’m afraid you will have to speak to your local authority. As I say, there will be fuller detail and more information available but it will have to be provided by the Ayuntamiento.

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