School situation during the storm

Update 19 November: Confirmed tonight that schools remain open tomorrow even though the weather situation remains unstable with rains forecast until the weekend, and even though the alerts are still in place.

Update 10pm: The Tenerife Cabildo has tonight confirmed the Canarian government’s position that schools remain open tomorrow. Tenerife president Carlos Alonso said, in the face of the usual repeated incorrect rumours, that official advice is not to undertake unnecessary travel, but that schools and work places remain open. Alonso said that if there were any change to this position, it would be announced on official media. I will update if that happens.

Update 18 November: Adeje council has announced that in view of the Canarian Government’s weather alert, all after-school classes and activities, including sports and cultural activities organised through the council, are cancelled until further notice from 4pm this afternoon. Other councils will no doubt be taking similar measures, so it will be best to check locally about any extracurricular activities.

This does not affect schools themselves, with decisions on school closures made only at government level (except where a particular local emergency, e.g. roof damage, requires specific action, in which case a council will make an announcement). The education department says that at present there are no plans to close schools. 

Original post 17 November: The usual rumours when a storm is approaching are running riot about school closures. The Canarian government is the only source for information in this respect, and in view of the forthcoming storm (see HERE) they have just announced that there are NO closures at present anywhere in the Canaries. I’ll update from the education department’s direct feed as and when there is any change.

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