Tribute and celebration of life for Kirk Warsop – entertainer Fife Sinclair

Update 29 March: Kirk’s parter Lesley has organized a celebration of his life for his friends in Tenerife. She hopes many will come, and asks that only bright colours are worn – no black! The get together will be held at the La Caña bar in Los Abrigos this coming Tuesday, 2 April, from 2pm: it will last throughout the day until just past midnight, so that people can attend as their schedules allow. La Caña will have their entertainment equipment set up, so that any of his entertainment friends who would like to say a few words, tell an amusing story about him or sing him a tribute song will be able to. I didn’t know Kirk, but it seems he was very valued as an entertainer, and much loved as a person. I’m sure, and hope, that many will want to go along to pay their respects, and support Lesley too.

Update 11 March: I’m grateful to Lesley for telling me the arrangements for Kirk’s funeral. I think many in Tenerife will like to know, and perhaps, for those in the UK, to attend. It will be held on March 27th at 11:15 at Gilroes crematorium, Groby Road, Leicester. The family is requesting that black isn’t worn as this is a celebration of Kirk’s life, and for this reason, there will be a celebration of Kirk’s life event held after the ceremony at The international arts centre, Garden Street, Leicester. LE1 3UA. Everyone is welcome.

Update 19 February: I am posting this for Lesley Wade – please read, spread to your own contacts, and help if you can.

I can confirm that tomorrow morning I will be visiting the office of the Instituto Medicina Legal to identify the remains of my partner in life – Kirk Edward Warsop aka Singer Fife Sinclaire. Kirk had been photocopying his paperwork that morning and forgotten to return to the originals to his wallet, therefore the police were unable to identify him at the scene of the accident.

Many hours were spent at Guardia Civil Granadilla, after reporting him missing, whilst they thoroughly checked his whereabouts, before I was told that a “BODY” fitting his discription was found in the vicinity of Los Abrigos.

I would be grateful for any information regarding the incident that night. Because the police will not release the accident report untill the investigation is complete. And Kirks family and I need to understand what exactly happened! We need answers.

I would at this point thank the officers concerned who assisted me at Granadilla.

Please feel free to publish this if it will serve the pùrpose of finding the answers that Kirks family and I need. Obviously I would ask for your tact regarding the pain that we are all going through at the present.

I can be contacted on 616 147 420 or pm lesley marie wade on facebook.

Original post: A scooter rider died just before midnight last night after being run over by a vehicle on the main TF65 in the Los Abrigos area. Details are sketchy at present, and the man has not been identified, nor any age given. Emergency services were called, however, with reports that he had been knocked down and was trapped under the vehicle involved. Bomberos managed to free him, but due to the severity of his injuries, paramedics could do no more than confirm his death at the scene.

(I’ve called the victim a scooter rider though I originally posted skateboarder because the word used by the emergency services is patineta, which has both meanings, though they’ve subsequently used monopatín, which is a skateboard or very small scooter.).


  1. How very sad. RIP and my condolences to his family and friends.

  2. hi janet…im a good friend of lesley wade….i stayed with her last night..and encouraged her to write what she did…i just want to say thankyou for posting up her letter..i did tell her that you are a good person and would do the right thing…

  3. Author

    I do hope it helps generate some information, but perhaps as importantly, informs people so that they can offer support. It’s always dreadful having to post about tragedies like this.

  4. If Tears Could Build A Stairway
    And Memories A Lane
    I’d Walk Right Up To Heaven
    And Bring You Home Again..

    TRINITY, ♥♥♥♥

  5. I only knew ‘Fife’,as I fondly remeber him,for a few short years in the mid/late 70’s early 80’s but have always had such vivid,fun & amazingly happy memories of the times we spent,both working together & playing too….& man could Fife Play!!
    I only chanced on this article today purely by coincidence & I’m heartbroken to hear of Fifes passing,sadder than sad & can only send my heartfelt condolences to Lesley especially,but to all Fife’s other friends,family & loved ones,a list that I’m sure will be endless as will his legacy to this life……..Hugely
    R.I.P Kirk my friend,I’ve missed seeing you for many years now & i’ll truly miss you for evermore but thanks for the joy you gave to me in the short time we knew one another mate 🙂

  6. I knew Fife (Kirk) very well. I shared an apartment with him from 2007 – 2009 in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. We were joined at the hip, and did everything together, we were such friends. We even did an amazing trip from Tenerife to UK to see his mum and brothers and sister and then over to Dublin to see my son, and ‘RiverDance’ and then back to Tenerife. I loved him very much and I am shocked and stunned at this news. I only spoke to him shortly before his death as my own sister died. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from him and decided to check out his FB and I saw the tributes. I cant believe he is gone. Thanks for the memories.. sleep in peace. XXGina

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