Search called off for missing fisherman

Update 29 November: Sadly, after three days without any sighting of the missing man, the search has been called off until any further developments which may take place.

Update 28 November: In what has now sadly become a recovery operation, rather than a search and rescue, emergency teams are out looking for the missing fisherman for a third day. Once again, land and air units from Salvamento Marítimo, Guardia Civil and Policía Local are involved, and are looking along the coast as well as out at sea.

Update 8.30pm: The fisherman is said to be a 42-year-old from La Matanza, and remains missing for what is now a second day. Teams of Salvamento Marítimo, Guardia Civil and Policía Local will continue the search tomorrow, Cecoes says, but for tonight, air search has been called off once again to resume at first light.

 Update 27 November: A full search has resumed at first light to continue looking for the fisherman missing at sea off Garachico after falling from his boat at lunchtime yesterday. He had gone out with other boats but had become separated, and was lost to sight. When the other fishermen caught sight of his boat again, it was empty. This morning’s search and rescue attempt involves 2 Salvamento Marítimo boats and a helicopter, Guardia Civil Submarine Activities Special Unit and land units, and Policía Local.

Original post 26 November: Since around midday emergency services have been searching for a fisherman who fell off his boat off the coast of Garachico. As time has gone on, the scenario seems to have become worse, with search and rescue helicopters added to the emergency services efforts throughout the afternoon, but now, at nightfall, these have been halted for the night, with the search being continued by lifeboats and GEAS Guardia Civil.

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