Search underway for missing British man

Update 13 May: There is still no news on this missing British man whom I can now identify as John Green. Hopefully the following photos will help him be identified if anyone should see him. Please do copy, share, distribute, whatever, to help find John, whose family and friends are desperate for news.

Original post 11 April: Emergency services say that a search is underway at present for a 74-year-old British man said to be missing in the Garachico-Los Silos area. The search started after relatives informed emergency services that he had not returned to his hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, and involves the national police, Guardia Civil, AEA, search and rescue teams, Cruz Roja, Policía Local, Medio Ambiente and Guardas de Caza. More in due course, doubtless.


  1. Today has been 1 year since my brother went missing, I still think of him often. I didn’t know of this site, and messages untill my daughter told me about it recently. I have always hoped for a miracle that somehow he would be found. After loosing our mother recently it seems all the more sad.

  2. John is my uncle , fast approaching a year and still no news

  3. I do still look occasionally, and certainly still hope, that there will be a conclusion to this awful business. At Plymouth Ramblers we also think about John and remember him.

  4. Author

    You’re more than welcome. The people who loved John are supporting each other. To my mind, that’s what matters.

  5. We attend a luncheon group called the “Westmets” which meets once
    a month in Mary Tavey which John attends.We are fairly new members having only joined approx a year ago however we were struck by how welcoming & pleasant John was to us and what a pleasure he is to talk to.He seems to be a very caring person and our prayers go out for his safe return.

  6. Is there still no news of our friend John? It is now such a long time with just silence. Are people still searching for him. We all miss him so much.
    Jane Kiely

    1. Author

      It’s impossible to know what, if anything, is being done by the authorities because they don’t release such information. Sadly, there is no news that I can report.

  7. Author

    I do understand, and I wish I could even say that I’d heard something but wasn’t able to post it. Unfortunately, there really has been no word at all. I don’t know what else to suggest other than, again, to try the Consulate … surely they can bend official regulations where there is some reason. What they could say I don’t know, of course, but there’s the slimmest chance there is something at an official level that hasn’t yet reached the press. I’m so sorry.

  8. Hi, I also have one additional photograph taken December 2013 but feel that the ones posted here are of better quality than we have. As people say, John is a popular man and we all want for him to be found safely.

  9. Thank you, Nick, you are very astute! Thank you also Janet for your comment, a safe return is very much that which we continue to pray for

  10. Author

    I have removed potentially libellous comments in your post, Nick, and replaced them with the usual editorial three dots. These sort of comments have no place on my website nor, in my opinion, on a post of this nature. Please keep nastiness off here or all posts from you will be filtered out. I’m sure that everyone who knows this man, regardless of their relationship to or with him, will want him found and returned safely to those who love him.

  11. I am rather saddened by some of the comments posted here. I have known John and his wife Margaret who is in nursing home for many years. … I see that none of his real family have posted here, and they must be very upset by some of the posts. Does no-one ever think of that before posting ?

  12. Dear Janet,
    So he went walking on the morning of the 7th April (Sunday) His message was “last walk today and I know it will be a good one going further and higher than previous walks to finish on a high note.”
    There are so many walks in the Garachico/ Los Silos area that would fit that description. In answer to your previous question, about him possibility being attacked. I doubt that very, very much. I have walked lots of times on my own and I have always felt very safe. Would he have stayed on the official paths or would he have had a tendency to explore ? Sunday’s are a day when we do get quite a lot of walkers, which makes me think he did perhaps go exploring in the area. The question is, what area ? I will circulate his photos in the area and my friends are sharing too. My thoughts are with you at this time.

  13. I was Johns neighbour in Cornwall for over 20 years. I have been in touch with other neighbours and his family but there has been no further information for anybody about John missing. It is looking very bleak after such a long time but his daughter is still hopeful he will be found.

  14. John was a fellow member of Grace Community Church, Morval, and a friend. We are all praying for him and his family, and hope there will soon be news of him being found. Will you please keep me updated. Thank you

    1. Author

      Please just keep checking back, Christine, as I can’t undertake to do personal updates.

  15. So glad to see and read a few more posts. Like Janet I just can’t believe this is the first time photographs have been seen, would have thought that would have been one of the first moves. Just so sad there isn’t any more positive news.
    Jane Kiely

  16. Author

    Janet, the consulate are involved in this aren’t they? because they are the official route for information flow between the authorities and individuals involved.

  17. Author

    Apart from the emergency services feed that I took the story from originally there has been nothing. That was bare information about general area, no detail, and the other media have been in the same situation as me, hence no updates since. I’m sorry, there really is nothing more available to report. I do hope that the photos are of some help, and I am thankful to those who sent them to me, and confirmed John’s name.

  18. Janet, Thank you for the update, I live in this particular area and I often walk my dogs and go riding in the forest. Does anyone know where he had planned to go walking on the day he went missing ? Monte del Auga for example or Arenas Negras. These are areas that I regularly go to, so I will be looking out for him and my dogs will be a great help too, they cover a much wider area than us as they are always loose. The photographs are a great help and I will print one out and take with me. My thoughts are with the family and friends at this time.

  19. Author

    Janet has raised a point that might be significant. I haven’t seen a single photo of John (I only have the name from comments left above, no official info). Does anyone have a photo they can let me have? I can at least start to get it out and about in case anyone has seen anything. If anyone has a relatively recent or at least accurate photo, please email it to me at

  20. Author

    Hello Janet, and I am so sorry for your situation. The fact is that the police here are very private when it comes to information, particularly detailed, and I just don’t have anything that I can update the initial report with. I’m afraid that although not common, people do go missing here, often because they’ve fallen somewhere inaccessible, and often they are found not by official searches but by accident, another walker off the beaten track might report seeing something. That has been the way the last two, I think, missing walkers have been found, at least the last two that weren’t by emergency service teams. I don’t think it can be understood easily by anyone who doesn’t know the terrain here but it is very well adapted for falls and hiding any clue that might be picked up somewhere less “rugged”. I’m very sorry but the options became limited after this time, but people do reappear … I seem to remember one who turned up weeks later having lost his memory. Understandably though, as time passes, the press stop reporting it, at least frequently, particularly when there is simply nothing new to add.

  21. So glad there are others concerned about John, and the lack of info is so difficult. You begin to wonder if anything is being done in Tenerife. It is four weeks tomorrow and still now news, just too long.
    Jane Kiely

  22. Author

    I have no problem with this, Karen, if it serves as a focal point for concerned friends and family to keep in touch with each other, and of course it will be where any news is published too. Please feel free to use it in this way. I just wish there was something being said by someone that I could actually report.

  23. Hi Janet I realise this isn’t really what your site is for. John is a friend of my dad – their wives are in the same care home in Launceston. Dad doesn’t ‘do’ the internet so I’m trying to keep tabs on any news updates for him. I just hope there is some news soon as it’s been about 3 weeks now.


  24. John is a good walking chum of ours and we are very concerned about him, but how do we get news? Do we all live near him in North East Cornwall?

    Jane Kiely

    1. Author

      I’m afraid you can’t get news if the authorities aren’t issuing any statements. It’s that simple, sadly. As soon as they say something about the search, or any discovery, they will release it to the press and I will see it … and at that point I will post it on here. Before then, I’m afraid, it is a case of just waiting.

  25. Also know the missing man – former neighbour of my parents – finding if difficult to get any information from his family – very concerned about him.

    1. Author

      There has still been no further news, and he remains missing, sadly.

  26. Hi, do you know if there has been any update on this story? The missing man is a friend of my Dad and he is very concerned. Thanks.

    1. Author

      As I always say, if there is no update, then I have no further information, at least not any that I can post. In this case, I have none. I’m sorry, but I will post if there is anything new to say.

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