Seas are wild, so even though drowning figures are down because of covid, don’t be a plonker this winter

We have some wild weather at the moment, with Borrasca Clement passing but leaving fierce seas and heavy rain, and there’s more of the like forecast through coming weeks … and in fact it’s quite normal winter conditions. But still people risk their own lives by going into seas that a mole in a balaclava could identify as dangerous. Thanks to Annette, a German woman who recorded the video below on her phone this morning, we can see someone off the coast of Valle Gran Rey in La Gomera being rescued from a rock where he’d been swept in seas that, I think it fair to say, no-one with an ounce of sense would have tried to swim in.

We’ve had atypically low drowning figures this year since we’ve had fewer visitors because of covid, and it’s visitors who are the main victims. I hope they stay low because of people behaving sensibly but this one was not: he’s safe now, thanks to others, but why should any professional, however well trained, have to risk their own life to save someone in these conditions? Indeed, the Canarian Government’s emergency rescue fees could come into play (see HERE), but even if you’re not worried about a fine, think of those who might have to rescue you and just don’t be a plonker this winter. For official advice on staying safe in the sea here, please see HERE.