Second pressing for Arico “pure gold” olive oil ready for commercial production in 2010

Bodega Cumbres de Abona in Arico carried out its second pressing of 2009 yesterday with a view to starting commercial production of olive oil next year. The oil is being called “Arico Pure Gold”, and for good reason! It has been analyzed by a specialist centre in Seville as “exceptional”, and equivalent to the very best that comes out of Andalucia. The bodega’s olive oil project began in 2005, and in 2009 so far the co-operative has collected some 3 tons of olives, and that figure is expected to reach 5 tons by year end.

I actually don’t know whether other bodegas or co-operatives produce home-grown olive oil, but this bodega will certainly be doing so and I’ll be going along to see what it’s like in 2010. There’s a restaurant there too, and of course they sell wine! The Bodega’s website is HERE, with a map HERE.

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