Second break-in for K9 as dogs are stolen

The K9 animal refuge has been broken into for a second time in a week. On the first ocasion, a large dog was stolen and another injured: thankfully the one who was taken was found dumped but unharmed. Last night another dog was stolen, and local animal activists say that, clearly, the fear is that the dogs are being stolen for dog fighting or baiting,

The same sources say that there is another report of an attempted theft of a rottwieller recently, though not from K9, but he put up too much of a struggle and the thieves were unable to take him. The dog that is currently missing is pictured above. Clearly if anyone has any information or can help in any way, get in touch with K9 HERE or the police, or any animal activist or refuge organizations here in Tenerife.

And perhaps even more sinister, animal charities say that if thieves are after dogs, the public need to be aware, and to ensure that their own dogs are not at risk. Specific advice is that “they should not be left unattended outside shops etc, especially if they look like dogs that could fight, e.g. staffie/pitbull types”. Sadly, I am told, “there is big money to be made in the dog fighting game”.



  1. Thank you Janet for your reply and would be most grateful if you could advise which Guardia Civil office. Thank you.

  2. Author

    yes, report it to the police! They must know … go to the Guardia Civil, and say you want to report it to Seprona.

  3. So sad to hear about the treatment of these dogs – it really is appalling. What satisfaction do these sort of people get. On another note about animals – namely my lovely cat Charlie – was shot on Sunday morning in the vicinity of my home in Valle san Lorenzo. He is already health compromised due to having luekeamia and now had to undergo surgery to remove the offending shot and subsequent treatments. Should this be reported to the police? He never goes very far as we have a garden, but if walking along the wall probably a ‘sitting target’ for some sick person. There are people in the area with guns.

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