Second fatality on Tenerife’s roads today as woman dies in car-lorry collision on TF655 between Las Chafiras and Guaza

Tragically, a second person has died on Tenerife’s roads today. Within just a couple of hours of the fatal crash on the TF5 in which a man died and three youngsters were injured (see HERE), a woman died and two others received minor injuries in a collision between a car and a lorry shortly before 6pm on the TF655 that runs parallel to the TF1 between Las Chafiras and Guaza. Emergency services have not released details of the female fatality, but confirm that two women of 42 and 43 had whiplash and were transferred to Hospitén Sur. Sadly, nothing could be done for the third woman who was cut out of the vehicle by bomberos and declared dead at the scene from the injuries she sustained in the accident.

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  1. Saw the helicopter there last night.that junction is very confusing if if your not familiar with give right of was to traffic turning right over the main road will always cause confusion.

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