Second total blackout for Tenerife in a year

The Government has ordered an enquiry into the causes of yesterday’s blackout, the Councillor of Empleo, Industria y Comercio, Jorge Rodríguez, has announced today. Sr Rodríguez insisted that if there was any evidence that Endesa had not complied with its duties, it would be on the receiving ends of the maximum possible sanctions. Sr Rodríguez acknowledged, however, that the storm was bound to affect the infrastructure, but stressed that this itself was Endesa’s responsibility, and that they must do whatever might be necessary to reinforce the security of the power supply, because there will evidently be further storms in the future.  C24H

Original post 18 February: The whole of Tenerife suffered an electrical blackout today. Power is being restored gradually, but it has been off for most people for at least seven hours. Apparently 87% of the island has its electricity back on now. There could well be some political fall-out over this, because it’s the second total blackout in a year for Tenerife. The first was on 26 March last year apparently because of a lightning strike. There was also a complete power failure in La Palma on 23 September. Worse, it appears that Endesa still doesn’t know how it happened, but it is known that part of the roof covering the turbine transformers in the Las Caletillas power station was blown off by the gales, and might have impacted with the transformers themselves, causing a short circuit.  C24H

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