Security staff announce strike at TFS & TFN

Rumours have been circulating for around a week or so that there will be an indefinite strike by security staff at Tenerife Sur airport from the 6th of this month in protest at working conditions and cuts to services. There is, however, virtual silence on the part of official sources, and still no confirmation either that it is going ahead or that it has been called off. As far as it is possible to say, security staff will protest on Thursday 5th outside the offices of co-ordinating company EULEN, and then strike in TFS from Friday.

Action in the TFN Los Rodeos in north Tenerife will take the form of a strike on 21 and 21 June, and protests outside the terminal on the 20th between midday and 4pm. Unions say they will hold a press conference on Thursday morning to provide more information. It would not be the first time that such a strike has been announced and then called off last minute. Let’s hope the same applies to this one.


  1. Author

    If there is any news I will post it, of course.

  2. Please keep us updated on developments. We are due in on 13th June. Thx

  3. Author

    I would have posted any information that I had. I’m afraid that no post means I don’t have any.

  4. Do you know if the strike is to go ahead?

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