Seismic cluster between Tenerife and Gran Canaria continues with now 200 tremors recorded

Graphic: Instituto Geográfico Nacional.

Updated 2 May: The cluster of tectonic-origin seismic tremors in the sea between Tenerife and Gran Canaria is continuing today, with now over 200 small movements recorded. Vulcanologists and seismologists stress that this is the area where most tremors are recorded in the whole of the Canaries, and they reiterete that the origin is tectonic and not volcanic. The largest tremor recorded in this cluster is 2.5 on the Richter scale though most have been under 2.

Involcan have released this image (left: click to see full size) of seismic activity registered in the Canarian network in the last 30 days: the great number in the sea between Tenerife and Gran Canaria has been recorded in the past 48 or so hours. The size of the bubbles reflects the size of the tremors, and the colours represent the depth.

Original post 1 May: A cluster of over a hundred tremors in the sea between Gran Canaria and Tenerife has been recorded in around 24 hours. All have been small, the largest being 3.2 on the Richter scale, and virtually all were deep, around 30km. Activity started around 5pm on Sunday though none of the tremors has been felt by the public in either island.  Seismologists stress, as they have before, that this area is known for this sort of activity, with IGN confirming that the tremors are tectonic in origin, rather than volcanic, and that the faultline between the two island is why there are so many tremors recorded in that area.

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  1. I was in Costa del Selencio some 20+ years ago when in Amerilla Bay there was a 25ft tidal wave which washed away the cliffs, cars, demolised the road down and terrified residents and also created a beach! This was due to the fault between the islands, dors anyone remember this?

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