Seismic cluster continues after 500 ‘long-period seismic events’ registered yesterday in just two hours near Pico Viejo

For a week or so now there has been a cluster of microtremors in the Pico Viejo area. Most have been under magnitude 1 though quite near the surface, but they seem to be increasing in number and perhaps strength with a “long-period seismic event” of mag 1.8 registered yesterday afternoon around 3.30pm at a depth of 10km. The Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias says that it is one of the largest such events since late 2016.

The 1.8 is not the only long-period seismic event registered, however, with a cluster of some 500 recorded by Involcan in just two hours yesterday afternoon/evening. The cause is thought to be connected to the incursion of magma into Teide’s hydrothermal system, and Involcan says that the activity is in line with seismic records from the past three years, and the lack of significant deformation implies strongly that there is no immediate threat of the magmatic system reaching the surface.

Involcan says that the cluster of microtremors could well continue but it can discount any activity capable of causing damage, at least in the short to medium term, and of course, monitoring work continues with Involcan being the only volcanological institute with an automatic detection system for such long-period seismic events, thanks to the Tenerife Cabildo’s Innova Programme under the Tenerife 2030 project.

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