Seismic cluster underway near Vilaflor with “microtremor” off coast of Güímar

Graphic: IGN.

Seismologists say that a seismic cluster has been underway near Vilaflor for the last couple of days with 22 tremors registered, most microtremors, the largest of which was magnitude 2.2 at a depth of 11km north-east of Adeje: the remainder were between magnitudes 0.1 and 1.2 at depths of between 5 and 11 km. IGN has also recorded a mini-cluster of five microtremors off the Güímar coast with magnitudes of 1.5 at depths between 17 and 28km. Experts say they are continuing, as always, to monitor the situation but these clusters at this low level are normal and indeed desirable for an active volcano, and not something that anyone need be concerned about.


  1. Don’t tell the English newspapers, they will report Tenerife is disappearing I to the sea again…

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