Seismic tremor off south Tenerife felt by public

Graphic: IGN.

A cluster of tens of seismic tremors has been registered over the past few days under Cumbre Vieja in La Palma, the largest being 2.7 on Richter scale. The authorities are increasing their monitoring of the situation but have stressed that the tremors are very deep, and although such intense clusters are not commonplace, the current one is not beyond the range of normal for an active volcano. Early this morining, too, at 6.38am, tremor of 4 on the Richter scale was registered south of Tenerife. IGN confirms its depth at 25km and various reports from the public show that it was clearly felt in Tenerife itself. The La Palma cluster and the location of the tremor off the south tip of Tenerife are indicated on the above graphic from IGN this morning, and the experts say that as in La Palma, this is quite normal for an active volcanic region.


  1. The firm shaking of the whole house just after 6am woke both me and my partner up. Never experienced anything like this before. I was sitting in my kids room sleepless till dawn just in case the house starts crumbling down so I can try to rescue them! Had no idea what it was…

  2. I’m glad you posted this Janet I was awake sat up having a cup of tea because I couldn’t sleep and the bed moved I panicked looked all around the house looking for cracks in the walls and couldn’t find anything so my mind is at rest now.

  3. There was some seismic tremour around Teide the same time last year. Wonder if this is coincidence or if seasons have some affect upon the earths crust?

  4. Yes the earth moved for me. I was lying awake and it was as if someone had shook the bed. I’ve lived for a time in los angles so I regonised that it was a small tremour. Two days previously I told my wife that I’d seen a slight sign of brown smoke about 6ish coming from the highest peak. Coincident or what?

  5. Yes , I felt it this morning – a little shake & rattle around the apartment ! Man the life boats !
    Incoming !

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