Seven arrested in south Tenerife for thieving from tourists

The Guardia Civil says that officers have arrested seven thieves and in the process have cleared up ten robberies, some with forced entry, reported in south Tenerife in the last month or so. The thefts mainly took place in eight holiday complexes, as well as various bars and cafés along the San Miguel and Granadilla coasts. Police say that five of those arrested are Spanish, the other two being foreigners, and all are between 17 and 54 years of age: five were operating as a group, and the other two working separately.  The detainees are now being processed by the Courts, with the 17-year-old, as a minor in criminal law, being dealt with by the Fiscalía de Menores.


  1. Keep your “valuables “in the hotel/apartment safe,only take as much money as you need.If you have to carry them eg going home spread them about your person /travel mates,not all in one bag.Don’t trust anyone you don’t know.I know you want to relax on holiday,but the thieves won’t.

  2. My husband was walking down by the casino near heads and tails las America’s in early September a youth on a bike ride past and pulled his bag knowing exactly where he was going as my husband who has a heart conditio. Ran like mad shouting theif but no body stopped him he picked up his bike and ran through underground car park . HE GOT CARDS MONEY MOBILE ….. my husband is still traumatized

  3. I do so abhor this thieving from visitors to our lovely Island; I hope these guys spend a few nights in one of our very uncomfortable cells in Santa Cruz. ( I gather the prisoners often complain about the lack of decent facilities..! )

  4. Scum bags all of them ! Tenerife will be a better place without the thieving low life’s ,

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