Seven dead and one in critical condition after tragic patera arrives at Lanzarote

Seven dead and one in critical condition is the sad tally to one patera’s attempt to enter the Canaries. The large launch was spotted shortly before noon today on the Costa Teguise in Lanzarote, and five of the dead were found inside it; a sixth was found dead in the water and the seventh died despite attempts to resuscitate him when he was pulled ashore. The Guardia Civil, Salvamento Marítimo and the emergency services control room were involved in the recovery of the craft and its 27 occupants, all of them north African adult men. Four others of the number are in hospital, one in critical condition.


  1. Anthony Bennett, ironic that you should comment “How can we in the west be called civilized …” when it’s the west accepting refugees like this that is creating the market for people traffickers. If the west had simply returned all people arriving illegally in the first place the traffickers would have been out of business. And speak for yourself, I do not “allow” these tragedies to happen.

  2. They are desperate people.To put your life in danger like this you can’t see an alternative.

  3. so sad to hear more deaths of these desperate people.How can we,in the West,be called civilised when we allow these tragedies to happen!!

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