Seven men missing in Tenerife: can you help?

Below are the details of six men who are still missing in Tenerife. To these, sadly, must be added Victor Teni (photo above), the athlete who disappeared on New Year’s Day, see HERE. If anyone knows anything about any of these men, please click the links in the text for details of how to contact their family, friends or the authorities. Needless to say, there are people here desperate for the slightest news of them all. Meanwhile, Victor’s friends have set up THIS petition to ask the Canarian government to continue the hunt for him, and to provide specialist mountain help, including dogs, to find him. He is much loved, and much missed. They all are. If you can help with any information, please do.

Also missing are:

79-year-old Domingo Pérez Ramos from La Laguna, disappeared on 16 February 2014 (link)

39-year-old José Brito Reyes from Santa Cruz, disappeared on 6 August 2013 (link) 

37-year-old Marcos Castellano Doble, from the La Victoria area of central Santa Cruz, disappeared on 5 August 2013 (link)

54-year-old José Hernández, known as Pepe, from Palo Blanco in Los Realejos, disappeared on 28 April 2013 (link)

32-year-old Antonio Muñoz Romero from La Laguna, disappeared on 16 April 2013 (link)

49-year-old José Manuel Rodríguez from El Tanque, disappeared on 10 April 2013 (link)

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