Is your missing dog among the 76 rescued from Adeje finca?

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Updated 12 July: There is now a list of dogs that are in the Cabildo’s Tierra Blanca refuge after this recovery operation. Details of the ones at Adeje which were in greatest need of urgent veterinary treatment are still to be released. Please have a look HERE if you’ve lost a dog, and if you recognize yours in these images, please contact them – their contact details are at the top of the page (if the link is playing up, just remove the s from the https). Please also share this information as widely as you can to maximise the chances of these dogs, and their former owners, having the happiest of reunions.

Original post 9 July: A major rescue of 76 dogs from a finca in Adeje municipality has been carried out by the council’s health and security departments, together with Tenerife Cabildo agents, all under the coordination of the Guardia Civil’s Seprona unit (dedicated to environmental and animal issues). Once in possession of a Court warrant, the dogs were freed from the terrible confinement they had suffered. Fourteen of the dogs in a particularly bad condition are receiving much needed treatment from a team of vets authorized by the council.

The remainder of the dogs have been transferred to refuges under the control of the Tenerife Cabildo, and the Courts will determine the point at which they can be adopted. Meanwhile, they are in officially-approved centres, says Adeje’s security department, where they are receiving the care needed for their full recovery, with all sanitary and legal guarantees in place.

Some of the dogs are chipped, so anyone who has lost a chipped dog might get a call from the appointed vets, so there will be some hearts in some mouths for a little while, I imagine. One important thing: if you have lost a dog that was chipped but your details have changed, clearly the vets won’t be able to contact you to reunite you, so you should go to a vet’s to ensure your details are updated so that if your dog is there, when the chip is traced, it will lead straight to you.


  1. Is there any indication of exactly why he would want all these poor dogs? I know you can’t speculate, but It beggars belief

  2. He used to have cats too but no mention of rescuing cats has been made on any of the articles I’ve read they only mention dogs.

    1. Author

      The articles you’ll have read, like my own, will have been based on official releases to the press. I’m afraid they just don’t mention any cats.

  3. Why would someone steel chipped dogs and treat them like this. Makes no sense.

    1. Author

      not necessarily stolen, mainly (I think) just when they get out, get lost and are then collected and were hoarded in the finca …

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