Deyanov guilty of murder

Update 28 February: Deyan Deyanov has been sentenced to 20 years in a high security pyschiatric prison. Compensation to the daughters of his tragic victim has also been awarded, and set at €100,000.

Update 22 February: Deyan Deyanov has been found guilty of murdering Jennifer Mills-Westley. When asked if he wanted to say anything as the hearing ended he said “Yes, I am Jesus Christ”. Sentencing is awaited, but will very likely be between 15 and 20 years in a high security psychiatric prison, the two terms being those requested respectively by the defence and prosecution.

Update 17 February: The trial of Deyan Deyanov starts tomorrow, Monday, and is expected to last until Friday. It is a trial by jury, but both defence and public prosecutor are asking for the Buglarian to be placed in a high-security psychiatric hospital. Some twenty witnesses are expected to be heard, and as I previously posted, the Court will try the case amidst almost unprecedented security.

Update 4 February: I’m grateful to highly respected journalist Karl McLoughlin for the information that Deyanov will have a public jury trial in Santa Cruz in a couple of weeks’ time. The trial is expected to last a week, and will have extremely high security, an inevitability given both the notoriety of the Bulgarian’s crime and his extreme violence tendencies. The trial could have been avoided entirely if Deyanov had admitted the crime, in which case there could have been a brief sentencing hearing. This trial will be a spectacle in more ways than one, I suspect. I’m sure that all everyone is hoping for, however, will be that he is locked up securely never to threaten anyone ever again, and that such a sentence will bring some sense of closure to the family of his poor victim, Jennifer Mills-Westley.

Update 3 February 2013: Deyanov is now in Tenerife II prison. He arrived on Thursday for trial, but is denying any part in the horrifying murder which there is ample proof he committed. It appears that this stance could prevent a public trial by jury. Apparently he has put on a fair amount of weight while in Seville, but apart from an altered physical appearance, little would seem to have changed. As a result, psychiatrists say he should remain incarcerated under a medical prison regime, a view that is likely to affect any future legal process. I’ll update if and when there’s anything further.

Update 19 October:  A jury trial now awaits Deyan Deyanov, who is currently in a psychiatric prison in Seville. His trial will probably take place in February in the Sección Segunda de la Audiencia Provincial de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The Ministerio Fiscal is asking for 20 years internment solicita una pena de 20 años de internment in a penal psychiatric unit which, under article 20.1 of the penal code, is apropriate for Deyanov, who is said to be deranged and to suffer chronic paranoid schizophrenia.

Original post 29 February:  At some point, Deyan Valentinov Deyanov has been quietly transferred to Seville psychiatric prison, where a report on his mental health has been compiled. It concludes that he is mad, purely and simply, and not likely ever to recover. The report says that he is suffering from a “mental disturbance with acute paranoid schizophrenic episodes”, during one of which he decapitated Jennifer Mills-Westley (see earlier posts HERE).

The document, compiled by the Servicio Andaluz de Salud and sanctioned by the Servicio de Psiquiatría Forense and a forensic specialist from the Instituto de Medicina Legal local, says that the Bulgarian has lost any intellectual or volitive faculties, and that this is chronic – he is not going to improve. In essence, he has no idea of reality, and did not know what he was doing – he did not even know what he wanted to do.

Doctors recommend that he remains in psychiatric prison regardless of any future trial, or verdict.


  1. not good enough ,when he is 100% guilty (as he is )hanging is not enough,I was there that morning just as he was arrested,no human being should not do that to another,my thoughts to Jennifers family.
    Regards L. Chapman.

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