Shakespeare said it first – a Malvasia is the best wine in the Canaries!

Photo: Canarian Agriculture Minister Alicia Vanoostende. Gobcan.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Canarian wine! We all seem to have a favourite but one thing is never disputed, that it’s a world-class product with fame stretching back centuries to the days of Shakespeare and Cervantes. Each island has a range of its own individual wines, and while we might debate the relative merits of El Hierro dry or Lanzarote medium-sweet, La Orotava reds or (a personal favourite) Ycoden Daute Isora whites, we will surely not quarrel over the supreme quality of them all.

This quality is quite literally put to the test each year in the annual Agrocanarian Wine Competition, held for the 20th time this year. The eleven DOPs (Denominación de Origen Protegida) between them entered 173 wines and the overall winner, the wine judged best in the Canaries in 2020 is from Tenerife, specifcally Güímar. The winning wine is a Malvasía, an aromática dulce (sweet aromatic) that is in fact the very type that Shakespeare celebrated, and this particular one is part of of the Brumas de Ayosa wines produced by the Bodega Comarcal in Güímar. It was already the title holder after winning this award last year as well, so it’s clearly one to try! The bodega also won three silver medals for its dry white, young red, and Brut, as well as two gold medals for the dry white and rosé.

Tenerife wines, indeed, did very well in the contest, with the special distinction for Best Image and Presentation going to Presas Ocampo, a Viticultura San Juan SL white, DOP Tacoronte – Acentejo. The Gold Medal and Best Organic Wine from the Canary Islands 2020 award went to a dry white Tierra de Frontos from Mesur S.L., DOP Abona. And the Grand Gold Medal and Best Wine Chosen by the Canary Island’s Winemakers went to the sweet Ainhoa wine from C.B. Bodegas Balcón in La Laguna, DO Islas Canarias.   

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