Shark washes up on Playa del Duque

Photo uploaded to Facebook by Tony Anselmo
Photo uploaded to Facebook by Tony Anselmo

Bathers had quite a shock last Friday morning when a 3m shark was washed up on the Playa del Duque: the above photo has been confirmed as genuine even though it was thought at first to be a hoax because the shark had been put on a sunbed. The animal was dead when it washed up, and the servicio de Fauna (Medio Ambiente) del Cabildo de Tenerife is carrying out tests to determine the cause of its death. Experts say that although sharks are found in Canarian waters they usually don’t come within 300m or so of the coast. Nonetheless, it is only a few weeks since another appeared in Puerto de la Cruz, and one was found a year ago in the fish farms between Palm Mar and Los Cristianos, and another in the Arico area. It seems that in many cases they are attracted by the fish farms, or the discharge from fishing boats, but Adeje residents say that it is increasingly common to see them near bathing areas. There are thankfully no reports, however, of any encounters between bathers and sharks.



  1. Is that 300metres or 300 miles,I prefer the latter.

  2. Author

    it’s metres, though I am uncertain, not being remotely well-informed on this sort of thing, whether it’s within 300m of the coast, or to waters more shallow than 300m.

  3. who decided it was a white shark, looks more like a blue shark, which is non threatening to humans, definitely not a white…. scaremongering will do nothing for the Island….

  4. We were driving along the coast only today and saying they should get rid of the fish farms that are rotting outside Cristianos. This only goes to prove the point.

  5. Author

    The “white shark” was from a press resource. Please note that this does not necessarily mean “great white”. Others have said it might be a blue shark too, though. Nonetheless, the range of the white shark is clearly in these waters (link).
    edit: having looked at some pictures of blue sharks, however, I’m inclined to think that is what it is. Whichever it is, I’ve removed the reference to “white” because of the possibility of confusion with the “great white”, which no-one was implying.

  6. It’s defo not a white shark of you loo at the tail its consistent with a thresher shark

  7. Author

    Yes, the general opinion this morning now that some shark experts (or near enough) have had time to look at it is that it’s a thresher shark.

  8. Sharks! Just mention that word and it may conjure up images in our mind of a scene from the movie Jaws. That is all perfectly natural, but experts are telling us not to panic.


  9. This is a thresher shark. I have seen these whilst diving in Egypt. Typically they´re a deep water shark and don’t normally come above 50-60meters. this poor shark probably got lost and drifted in. I work as a diving instructor here in Tenerife and there is no need for concern about sharks.

  10. I am a diving instructor too and seen sharks all over the world, though only Nurse ones around Tenerife. Yes, I agree with Kerry it looks like a Thresher rather than a Blue, unfortunately they are normally that deep I have not seen one – I only do 50 meters in the UK as I can guarantee the back up. The only dangerous sharks around Tenerife are the holiday club scammers who now seem to have been taken out of business.

  11. Yeah looks like a thresher shark to me also, only shark I have seen while diving here in tenerife is a angel shark. Wishh I could see these

  12. That is a big eye thresher…they are even more of a deep water species than the common thresher. That large eye allows them to not only see deeper but it somewhat helps the fish regulate its body temps. Basically it keeps the brain warmer and allows for better function at depth. Pretty cool species…

  13. I caught a baby thresher in correlegio. Fuerteventura last yr dec 2013 off harbour wall on light tacke woz quiet surprised but the sea is there place

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