SHIFT 2017: Tenerife to host major international scientific conference

The Tenerife Cabildo is delighted that the island will be host to SHIFT 2017, an international scientific conference to be held from 13-17 November in the Hotel Iberostar Anthelia, in the El Duque area of the Costa Adeje, and which will bring together the world’s leading experts in ground-breaking applications of light in the renewable energy and biomedical fields.

SHIFT will be a cutting-edge multidisciplinary platform to gather presentations and discussions of recent achievements by leading researchers. Distinguished speakers will address state of the art research on spectral shaping of light in ground-breaking applications in both the energy and biomedical fields. The island will become the focal point for the world’s greatest experts in these disciplines in an event that is supported by prestigious American universities of Harvard and Stanford. Organized by the University of La Laguna, SHIFT 2017 also has the support of the Tenerife Cabildo through Turismo de Tenerife and the Department for Innovation Tenerife 2030.

SHIFT 2017, is an acronym for “Spectral Shaping for Biomedical and Energy Applications,” and will bring together leading researchers from around the world in research on nanoparticles with spectral conversion capability. In other words “to transform” light and, for example, make photons of non-visible spectra of light (ultraviolet and infrared) pass into the visible spectrum and thereby produce certain interactions with multiple applications in biomedicine (innovative applications in photodynamic cancer therapy and bio imaging diagnosis) or the generation of renewable energy (capture and storage of solar energy: photovoltaic energy, photo catalysis, natural and artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels generation).

The conference already has a website in English and some of the top specialists in the field, such as Jenifer Dionne from Stanford University, have already confirmed their attendance as speakers. Phil Castellano, University of North Carolina; Jean Christophe Goldschmidt of the Fraunhofer Institute (Germany); Kohen Soga, of the University of Tokyo and Xiaogang Lui, from the University of Singapore. All of them are top-class scientists in these fields.

The objective is to consolidate the conference as a biennial event. It emerged to respond to the demand by researchers, who saw how the transformation of light was addressed separately in biomedical or renewable energy conferences, but not in a unified and multidisciplinary way, as it will be at the ULL in November. The event, therefore, seeks to establish itself as a scientific forum but it will also contribute to promote Tenerife as a scientific destination and logistics platform.


  1. Thank you Janet for this article, I am surprised I did not see it on FB as I do most of your articles.

    Anyway, I am sending this information to my brother John and I hope things can come together.

    I might add that the SHIFT website is horrible… I’ll hold comment I think it speaks for itself.


    1. Author

      oh that would be great! I do hope something an be arranged.

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