Shortage of lorries hinders rubbish collection in various parts of Arona including tourist areas

A shortage of lorries has meant that several areas of Arona have not had rubbish collected since last night, and it is unclear when the situation will improve since only five of the thirteen lorries available are working. The areas affected are parts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas, Valle San Lorenzo, Parque la Reina, and Arona town centre.

Refuse collectors say they have been telling Arona Ayuntamiento about the parlous condition of the vehicles since the beginning of last year, but that no notice was taken of the complaints. The operators say they will carry out the repairs themselves, if only they are given the tools to do the work. They apologized to the residents of the affected areas for the poor service being provided, but stressed that this was not of the workers’ doing.

Arona Environment Councillor, Antonio Sosa, held a meeting a week or so ago to check the condition of the vehicles after receiving several complaints from the refuse collectors, but says that although the details have been passed to the company responsible for rubbish collection in Arona, they seem not to have done the right thing so far. Sr Sosa was pessimistic about the prospects for improvement until the municipality’s refuse collection was put out to tender again.  Canarias7


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