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photo: Janet Anscombe

Update 14 December 2016: Father Christmas will be in south Tenerife this week! He will be at Siam Mall this coming Friday, 17 December, at 5pm and will be there until Christmas Eve, I understand, when naturally he will have to go because he’ll have presents to deliver!


Update 9 December 2015: Siam Mall will be hosting a charitable event from 5pm this coming Saturday, 12 December, where a collection will be made of non-perishable food and hygiene items to be donated to underprivileged families in the Adeje area. Details on the following poster:

siam mall (600 x 604)

Update 10 September: And finally, H&M is now open.

Update 1 September: Siam Mall has announced a new free bus timetable for September, at least for one of its two routes. The other has been “temporarily suspended”. The new timetable is:


Update 29 August: Siam Mall has announced that H&M will be opening at 11am, Thursday 10 September. The store will include Tenerife’s first H&M Home department.

Update 22 July: Siam Mall has announced that from today there will be two free buses to the commercial centre. The routes are shown on the image below:

route 1 stops at Aparthotel El Duque (C/Bruselas), Clínica Dental Fañabé Plaza, Laguna Park I, and All Sun Hotel los Hibiscos;

route 2 stops at Paradise Park, Sol Princesa Dácil, Hotel Best Tenerife, and Apartamentos Colón II. The buses will run between 11am and 8pm.

siam mall bus routes

Update 16 July: Siam Mall has announced that its Tony Roma’s branch opens this Saturday, 18 July.

Update 25 June: Today’s scheduled opening of the new H&M in Siam Mall has been postponed until further notice, it has been announced by the store and the Mall management.

Update 19 June: H&M Spain and Siam Mall have announced the opening of the Siam Mall H&M next Thursday, 25 June, at 11am. As an opening day offer, there will be a 20% discount on all clothes, as well as in the H&M Home section of the shop.

Original post 23 May: As I posted HERE, Adeje is to have two new commercial centres. One is planned for the Tropicana site next to Hipertrebol, but the other, Siam Mall next to Siam Park, opens at 10am this morning. Burger King is there, as apparently will be a Hiperdino. a Zara Home, an Encuentro, and the largest H&M in Tenerife. The shopping centre has a Facebook page HERE and HERE, and a twitter page HERE, to keep up with all the latest offers. It will apparently be open every day of the year.

(For discussion of the other commercial centre to be opened in Adeje next to Tropciana and Hipertrebol, see HERE).


  1. Does the bus from Callao Salvaje still run?

    1. Author

      If you scroll to the bottom of THIS page on the Mall’s own website you can download the routes available.

  2. There is a free bus from Golf del Sur to Siam Mall every Tuesday and Thirstday at 10 o’clock at the Titsa busstop at The Golf Plaza Hotel

  3. Hi Janet
    Any idea of the cost in a taxi from golf del sur to Siam Mall
    Many thanks

    1. Author

      sorry, I haven’t … I’d expect in the region of €20 or so but I have no real confidence in saying that …

  4. Hi Janet is there a free bus to Siam Mall from Los Abrigos or Golf Del Sur.
    Thanks Anne

  5. Thanks Janet – I think from the map on your webpage we’ve worked out that we should probably be at the other side of the road so we will try that tomorrow anyway. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Sandra ?

  6. hi Janet. We are staying at the Gran Tacande and was told there was a bus at 4pm and waited at the Siam Park bus stop just along from the market (other side from apart hotel El duque) and no bus came along. Now I see from your post they don’t actually start their afternoon runs till 6pm so we are going to leave it till tomorrow again. I wonder if you or any of your readers can confirm if we were actually standing at the right stop for the mall bus? Certainly a bus stopped to go to the park but the driver said it was the other bus for the mall – presuming it was the right stop at least! Any help appreciated thanks in advance. Sandra

    1. Author

      I’m sorry, Sandra, all I know is what has been released by Siam Mall itself, and that I’ve posted above. Apologies, but in the afternoon, a bus to the park will leave you very little distance to work back to the mall.

  7. Can u get bus from Los Cristianos to Siam Mall Thx

    1. Author

      Since the free bus route from Los Cristianos has been suspended, I think the best route would be to get on a Siam Park bus.

  8. Author

    The route is as I updated on the 1st, five days ago, with the Los Cristianos route “temporarily suspended”.

  9. I was told there is a free bus service to the mall from Pepi tapas bars in Los Cris. Is this true

  10. The bus was probably just suspended for that day as Summer Jam (electronic music fest) was on in Siam Park next door.

  11. Author

    not heard about that, Mandy, and they haven’t made any sort of announcement, whether official or informal. I wonder if it’s just that stop that’s been suspended … but I really don’t know. Sorry!

  12. Janet The free buses to Siam mall seem to have been suspended? Outside Princess Dacil yesterday there was a sign up over the bust stop,saying this. Was wondering if you knew about this and why?

  13. Author

    Quite right! I was looking at this month on the calendar! It’s the 10th it’s opening, of September, and so a Thursday.

  14. 10 september is not a monday, is it on the 7th?

  15. Author

    No. They work on a circular route all the time like the Siam Park buses. You go to a stop and wait until the next one comes along. You should not have to wait more than a quarter of an hour at most. They run every day, because the centre is open every day.

  16. Author

    Please could you tell me The Days & Pick up Times from Fanabe Dental Centre to Siam Mall.

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