Siam Park’s new Singha ride – the fastest water toboggan anywhere

Just a week ago it was voted the best water park in the world (link), and now Siam Park is even better with the unveiling of the new attraction – the Singha Experience – a water-propelled toboggan ride in a three-person raft. The ride can reach a speed of 6m per second with a drop of 18m per second, a speed that Siam Park says is a first in water park attractions. The track is 240m long, with high-speed curves and 14 changes of direction. Testing has now finished, and the first ride was tested by none other than Canarian president Fernando Clavijo and Tenerife president Carlos Alonso who, together with Siam Park​ president Christoph Kiessling, were eager to try it out at its formal opening last week.

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