Simple facts in the face of panic and confusion over media reports that Brits are banned from the EU from 1.1.21

Simple facts in the face of “panic” and “confusion” after the FT decided to suggest that British nationals COULD be banned from entry to the EU from 1.1.21 because of Brexit because it will be a third-nation state not an EU member … and after every other paper decided to follow suit with nothing more to go on than one article … which was little better than clickbait.

Of course it is possible that British nationals will be stopped from entering Spain or any other EU country from 1.1.21 but if they are, it won’t be because of Brexit. That has already happened and despite the Transition Period we are already treated as outsiders for covid travel restriction purposes. And yet people still enter Spain. That’s because the sovereign states that make up the EU can impose restrictions or requirements on high risk countries. Spain has done this. It is a PCR or, now, TMA test for anyone from a country on the high risk list. Without the requisite test, Spain bans entry.

That is Spain’s interpretation of the EU Commission recommendation. Other countries will have different solutions. Each is allowed to create their own systems because they are sovereign states, in just the same way as the UK was always allowed as an EU member to make its own decisions as a sovereign state, despite the lies the British have been fed for around 40 years that the EU is an evil empire that rules the UK and sets the laws for them to obey.

The list of countries is already in operation, and is reviewed weekly, as I posted HERE, which is where I also post when the list has changed. The problem people have in deciding or even knowing whether they can travel after 1.1.21 is not an article in the FT, and now in the Guardian, Daily Mail, Express, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. Nor is the problem Brexit. The problem is an evolving health emergency comprising a global viral pandemic. 

There is an easy decision to make in the face of such uncertainty and perilous conditions. For the life of me I do not understand – to use current terminology “I am hopelessly confused” – why people don’t take it.