TFS and TFN airport workers industrial action

Update 27 August: There has been much confusion as to whether the proposed and postponed planned action would cause any disruption on the intended “action days” between 27 and 30 August. As expected, it has been left until the last minute to announce what this will be, and it is that TFS and TFN workers will hold a demonstration at midday tomorrow, Thursday 28th, in Santa Cruz to coincide with the debate and vote over the legislation concerning the privatization of Aena. The Tenerife airport workers call on the public to support their protest. This will almost certainly not be the end of all this, but at least for the next few days, travellers do not appear to need to fear disruption.

Update 14 August: Aena workers striking about the government privatisation plans have postponed the planned action days for a few weeks, they say,  in order to establish a common action plan with other airports and relevant organizations and institutions.

Original post 12 August: Many will be aware that unions have called for industrial action at the end of this month in Tenerife’s airports. At present, all that is clear is that it will take place – in some form still to be clarirfied – between 27 and 30 August. Today, however, both north and south airports have announced that there will be a sit-in tomorrow between 8am and 8pm in protest at Aena’s privatization. Unions have called for a final decision to be taken at the end of the sit-in to ratify strike action at the end of August.


  1. Author

    Any action should result in no worse than flight delays, rather than cancellations.

  2. Do we know yet when the Tenerife airports will be affected by strikes ??
    We are flying out of the northern airport on Sunday 31 Aug. I hope that that will be possible.

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